Scooter Rental for DMV M1 License

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Scooter Rentals for M1 DMV Licensing

Orange County: (949) 566.7189 ... San Diego County: (619) 253.4247 ... Riverside County: (760) 613.4393


Licensing Requirements

What is require for the M1 Licensing test

1. A Valid M1 Learners permit

Testing Requirements

Testing Aids

The following items are required by the state of CA for M1 testing process. When reporting in for the test all of the items listed below must be made available.

1. An appointment for the M1 test

2. Valid Insurance for the motorcycle/Scooter

3. Valid Registration for the motorcycle/Scooter

Please watch this video of the M1 requirements to pass the practical riding test.

1. video of the M1 requirements to pass

2. Hire an Instructor/Riding Coach

Schedule A M1 Written Examination


Scooter Rentals for M1 DMV Licencing
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